In September 2010  The Patching Zone started the DAL (Digital Art Lab) project in Zoetermeer. For the pilot year of this project, The Patching Zone worked together with the 'Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur' (centre for arts and Culture). The primary research question was: What should the new art courses for the digital generation look like? 

During a year and a half our team worked together with the teachers of CKC Zoetermeer to develop new and exciting workshops and art courses. Important elements to these workshops and courses were game design, youth culture, augmented reality, performing arts, music, peer 2 peer learning. 

After December 31th 2011 the Digital Art Lab project was able to run on its own, so, as planned from the start, The Patching Zone was no longer involved in the project. 

This project ran in co-operation with the Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur -Centre for Arts and Culture- (CKC) and The City Council in Zoetermeer

You can find an overview of all the work done by the team of The Patching Zone on this site: