Sebastien, from Belgium, has been experimenting with audio, sound, and electronic Music since he was sixteen years old. Nonetheless, he worked in different technological fields before he started working with music professionally.

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Seminar Interactive Streets April 8th
The Patching Zone, Zadkine Human Technology and Kosmopolis Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Zadkine Human Technology
Seminar room
Montessoriweg 14, 3083 AN Rotterdam

Interactive streets

The seminar focuses on Interactive Streets, a new trend that, through different channels, has silently become part of our lives.


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You are cordially invited to our Work in Progress Day, which takes place on the 7thof March in our worspace at Zadkine South.


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“I believe in the interdisciplinary approach of The Patching Zone. It leads to surprising products.” Mettina Veenstra, January 18th, 2013. 

In November 2012, Dr. Mettina Veenstra joined The Patching Zone’s Board of Supervisors. Before joining the board, she was a member of the ambassadors network of The Patching Zone.


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